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Adidas Champions kits. Each pack contains one medium, two large and two extra large tops. Colours vary from red/white and navy/white. Each kit is embroided with your local Clubs champions badge along with the CALM logo.

For ten years, the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) has been working to prevent the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK: suicide. We’ve taken a two-fold approach to tackling the issue – providing free and anonymous support for men who are down or in crisis, and campaigning for cultural change. We have made it our mission to attack outdated stereotypes that prevent men seeking help, and inspire and equip men to redefine their own image of masculinity.
In those 10 years, men have begun to talk more. We’ve taken 200,000 helpline calls to date, prevented over 1000 suicides and heard first-hand from men wanting help and inspiration to find a way through. But the strict definition of a man’s role in the world remains unconscious, unarticulated and inflexible. We’re empowering men to do what they can to reject living miserably. We’re working to build a generation who believe that society’s idea of your gender should not limit what or who you can be in life. Through the worlds of art, sport, comedy, business and music we aim to give a platform for men to cut away the restrictions on self-expression and to celebrate living.

Additional shirts are charged at £20 and printing on the back of the shirt is also charged at the rates shown.

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